WE – A Chained Nation!

It’s 21st century that we are living in. The modern era, modern age. The era of technology and advancement. But still, our society is the same. People are the same. The stereotypical thinking and mindsets are the same. It’s the machinery or gadgets that have changed and transformed. Not the minds of our people. We are still in that stone age era. Same typical fears, wishes, issues, problems. We have not transformed our thinking, our way of living.
Women are considered to be equal to men in today’s world. But this is to say only.
Our religion Islam also considers and enforces that men and women are equal and that
they should be treated on equal basis. But this is our society which does not think and
do so, and always have a biased attitude towards women. Our society never understands a woman, her needs, her dreams, her wishes. It only suppresses a woman’s voice. Our society does not allow a woman to voice her opinions or wishes, rather she is forced to keep her mouth zipped and only follow what she is ordered to.

They say we are a modern and educated society. Still, if a woman faces social pressure, she is bound to keep quiet. No matter how modern, educated or sensible she is, a woman has not learned how to speak up, how to take a stand for herself. If she is harassed at workplace or home, she keeps quiet. If she is not allowed to pursue career of her choice, she is bound to do so. If she is being married to a man she does not like, she is expected to accept that’s her fate. If she is not allowed to go outside of her home for study purposes, she is forced to stay at home and do only household work. If she is facing domestic violence, she is threatened to keep quiet. That is today’s woman!

WHY? Why is this so? Why a woman would never be confident and independent enough to take charge of her life and do whatever she wants? Why a woman is never allowed to live a life she dreams of? Why a woman is never considered equal to men in real sense? Why a woman is still considered inferior? Why a woman is still controlled by a man? Why a woman is not allowed to live freely? Why?…

I am amazed at how a woman who wants to study is not allowed to do so? I am amazed at how a woman who wants to go abroad for higher studies or job is not permitted because of stereotypical fears? I am amazed at how a woman who wants to marry the man of her choice but not of the same cast or class is not allowed because of social pressure? I am amazed at how a woman who is facing harassment in her own house is bound to keep quiet just because no one would accept that she is innocent? I am amazed at how a woman is bearing domestic violence just because the society would blame her? I am amazed at how a woman is being divorced just because she could not have children and that’s considered to her fault?

I am amazed at today’s woman who is still suppressed and not given equal rights!
We are living our life in ignorance. There is a quote by Emma Goldman that says “The most violent element in society is ignorance.” This ignorance is destroying our society and people.  We are living our life with social pressure and stereotypes. We are afraid to expand our vision. We are scared of the society, of the notion that “what would people say?” We have still not learned how to live our life freely, without the so-called social pressure and stereotypical thinking.

We are a free nation, but still chained to our minds, our society. We have not learned
how to free our minds from the old age thinking, customs and traditions. We have not learned how to move forward in life without the social pressure.

They say we are a free nation. But in actual, we are a be shackled nation, that is trapped in invisible chains, imprisoned in cages.


And so, here we are, a chained nation with our tongues zipped.

A nation which is a slave of the society, of the old age traditions, and of our own
conservative narrow minds!


I do not hope for a better future, for a future that is free of such stereotypes, as long

as we do not learn to break these chains, to come out of these cages, to speak up for

equality and justice, to stand up for our rights, to be able to live a free life.

In such a society of chaos, inequality and violence, I do not hope of a better future.

Bless You!

You all feel this at some point in your life!

People are strange. Really strange!

Be your family, friends, relatives anyone. They are mean, selfish and self-centered. They never ever care about your feelings. They are only concerned with their own interests, feelings, benefits and comfort. They never care about what you do or how you feel. People act rudely, badly and they hurt you.

You feel so helpless at times. Broken inside. But you cannot express it. You hide your emotions. You never speak up against their behavior. You tend to keep quiet and keep everything to yourself. And that is what really kills you.

People hurt you, disappoint you, and make you feel bad. But you do not react. If you react, they blame you. They never understand how you feel. They only shout at you, misunderstand you and blame you for all the wrong that they did actually. And you do not say anything in response. Not because you do not have anything to say in reply.  But because you feel there is no use of explaining yourself. If they do not understand your feelings, then why explain yourself!

You stay quiet. And you distance yourself from such people. But the tragedy is that you cannot hide or be invisible. You have to live with them, face them and get yourself hurt every time!

Because though people change, but the nature of a person never changes.

Just ignore and get lost in yourself. The only way you can make yourself feel better!

Bless You!

What’s for you will come to you.

So life does not always come the way you want. But you have to live it. You have to keep it going. Sometimes you don’t feel like giving your best or living life to fullest. But in any case it goes on.

Life always has something for you. Maybe it’s not what you desired for. But something you have to work on in order to get going. This may not be your favorite. But you can make it your best. It all depends on how you cater it.

The job you get, the person you meet, the relationship you are in or the degree you are studying, may not be going according to your will but you have to carry it. You have to keep it going. You have to make it best. Not for the world to see. But for yourself. For your peace. For your life.

God never shuts one door without opening another. We need to believe this. There is always one option or another. It’s just you have to find it out and discover opportunities that may come on your way. You need to find your way and work on it. Work for yourself and hope for the best.

It may not be your dream career, the perfect relationship or your prince charming. But it surely would be what God sent your way for you. And that is always the best.

You just need to have faith, to believe in yourself and to work hard enough to make it best for you. Rest is God’s will. He will bestow upon you what He thinks suitable for you.

There is this hadith that no one gets before time and more than his fate. So what’s for you will come to you one day. There is no use of running after endless desires or something you can never have. Be content on what God gives you. Make peace with your inner self. God will never leave your hands empty. He will always give you enough for your living.

Have faith in Him. Trust yourself. Work hard to get the best. And leave the rest to God.

May we all have a life our God plans for us. Ameen.


Bless You!

Life…is Unfair!

Life is unfair. Very unfair.
We can only dream, hope and desire. Though we try to change things for better and want to make our lives as we want to. But things not always happen as we want them to. There is this thing called Fate, and everything happen
s as written in your fate. You cannot change it.
There is this quote from the movie Brave that “there are those who say that fate is something beyond their control. But i know better. Fate lies within us. You only have to be brave enough to see it.”
I was really inspired from this quote when i heard it and from this movie too. But later, as life moved on, I realized that these things are only fictional and are restricted to movies only. Nothing happens in reality itself.
After watching this movie, I was deeply inspired and truly tried to make my own fate, to change things for better and to get what I dreamed of. But things happened otherwise. Nothing happened as I wanted. Rather things gone opposite.
I never wanted to do what I am starting now. I never dreamed of this career. Infact I wanted to make my career differently. But fate made me do so.
At this stage of my life, I have realized and accepted that fate is something you cannot control and everything in your life happens as written already. There is no such thing as changing or making your own fate. Its not that I am saying all this because I am disappointed or because my dreams didnt become reality. But because I have learnt it as I have grown up and have seen things changing and evolving.
A hard lesson learnt though!
But still, I thank Allah for all the good things and not putting me in worst condition.
I Thank Allah and pray for good times ahead.
My life may not be going as I wanted. But it’s surely going the way as my Allah planned.
I thank Allah for everything. No complaints, just a desire to change my fate and life that remained unheard. Though I didnt want this degree that I am going to start. But still, something is better than nothing.
I hope and pray for a better future and pleasant life ahead.

P.S I thank Allah for making my friends my strength who support and protect me always and their presence mean a lot to me 🙂

Bless You!