10 Childhood Memories of the 80’s and 90’s kids

This age groups’ childhood was pretty amazing. As the technology is advancing, kids are becoming tech freaks and are totally unaware of the fun and innocence that we used to have. Truly, that era was mesmerizing with best memories that todays’ kids can never experience.

  1. The Only Cartoons We Watched

Tom and jerry were the best ever cartoon that we watched and still watch if we ever see it on TV. Kids now have a lot of options when it comes to cartoons or animated movies.

  1. 10 rupees were such a happiness

Getting 10 rupees as daily pocket money was more than enough for us and we found ourselves to be pretty blessed to get daily pocket money which we can spend our own way. Todays’ kids haven’t even seen 10 rupees note.

  1. Indoor games

We used to play many indoor games like luddo, monopoly, carrom etc. which todays’ kids play on their own cell phones. They haven’t ever experienced the joy of sitting together and playing these games and making our parents judges for the game.

  1. Getting all dressed up for a picture

Birthday parties were the most prepared and celebrated parties at that time. Children used to get all dressed up and posed for being captured on the camera whose pictures were developed from negatives which took weeks at that time.

  1. Video games – the most modern gadgets

In 90’s children used to play video games with remotes that were considered as the most high tech gadgets of that era and were a big treat to own one. Now children have everything in cell phones.

  1. Watching PTV as the only channel

PTV was the only channel at that time and we used to watch it from the Quran recitation in morning till the colorful lines appeared on it with a continuous beep that was a sign of the end of transmission at day end.

  1. Mario was our super hero

Every 90’s kids has played the game ‘Mario’ like anything. We used to consider Mario as our super hero and never got bored of it.

  1. Answering phone was a big achievement

PTCL phones were used in that era and we could only make a call after seeking permission from our parents. And if ever by chance, there was no elder at home and we had been assigned to attend the calls with full respect and responsibility, it was life time achievement.

  1. Getting stationary as birthday gift

Getting a new geometry box or lunch box was the best birthday gift we could get. Other special yet expensive gifts included silver and golden marker and school bag.

  1. Peaceful Toys

And our toys used to be dolls, crockery set, train, cars and little harmless stuff rather than cell phones and tabs.


4 Workable Plans That Can Make Your Rainy Weekend Wonderful

Though summers are almost here, the unexpected rains are a perfect source of joy. Especially on a rainy weekend with a perfect weather, there are so many ways in which you can make it the best 2-day vacation.

Movie plus Lunch with BFFs

With so many movies coming around in cinemas, especially Pakistani movies, one can always plan a movie with friends following a yummy lunch and a must feedback about the movie. Bachaana can be one good option!

A Coffee Date

The one thing that everyone loves to have in this weather is coffee at a peaceful place with your best friend or maybe someone special. Where you can have light chit chat, sipping coffee while watching the rain drops on the window beside you. Chaaye Khana recently opened in Lahore is one nice place for the night.

Cook and Eat with Family

While the whole family is busy in their routines the whole week, weekend is a time to spend quality time with family. When everyone stays at home to enjoy weather, a simple quick treat can be home made pakoras, samosas and tea in evening. Sitting on terrace or garage and enjoying rain, you can always have this family treat talking and eating and have a quality weekend.

Having ‘ME’ time

In today’s life where we all are stuck in our busy schedules, it is pretty difficult to take out time for oneself and have some alone time. A private person always enjoy their own company. A rainy weekend can surely make you take out time for yourself. Nothing beats a great book, a cup of coffee and the sound of rain drops coming through your bedroom’s window. What a pleasure to have your company on a quiet peaceful night!


P.S Suggestions are always here for books and coffee! Have a Great Weekend