And here comes to an end the most happening Year – 2014!

And here comes to an end the most happening Year – 2014!.


And here comes to an end the most happening Year – 2014!

Another year gone… Time flies. Left behind are so many memories. People. Places.

Let go of what has left behind. For it’s good to move on. To create a new beginning. New Year is a perfect time to start off with a new day. New hopes. New resolutions. New dreams. New people. New places. And much more. A complete new beginning! A new sunrise to welcome you with warmth.

Sometimes, days and years pass by and nothing makes a significant change in our life. But at times, a day, a year, a place or a person happens to change your entire life. Alter your life’s perceptions. And that is the time that’s making memories. That’s giving you immense pleasure and happiness. That’s filling your life with love.

2014 was a year of happiness, love, celebrations, news and a lot more. 2014 was a decisive year. Life changing year. The most happening year. The memorable year. Leaving behind so many good and happy times. So many memories attached to it.

2014 was my year. A year full of happiness and celebrations. A year full of love. A year that gave me so many pleasant memories. A year that gave me my life.

Thank you 2014 for being so good to me. For giving me so many memories to treasure. For giving me a new hope, a new reason, a new life to live.

And I welcome you 2015 with a smile hoping you to be a positive, healthy and happiest year for me. IA!

Keep your hopes high, and cross your fingers. The best is yet to come.

Celebrate these moments. Cherish these memories. Love. Live. And keep smiling!

Wish you all a very happy and blessed New Year 2015.

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Bless You!

People deceive. Always!

Life is unpredictable! So are people. They change; amazing, annoying or hurting you. They never remain the same. If you think you know them, you are wrong. They always show their one color or another. And you keep on wondering is it you who’s always wrong or the people always disappoint!

Time changes, and so do people. They only see their good in everything. You do not matter to them. And is you think you do, you are deceiving yourself. You always believe in this illusion that people are concerned for you. In fact, they never are. They never are concerned with what you feel and think. They only care for their own interests and benefits. They have their own personal motives which they are fulfilling often using you as a pathway. And in this process of personal gain, you misunderstand them and think you have made your place in their life. But, in reality, you are never important to them. You are not in their life or in their heart. You are never able to understand what they are in real. The truth that seems to be a truth is always a lie.


Faces deceive. Always. A man is not what he appears to be. The real face is hidden deep down somewhere. What we see is just a mask they are wearing for the world to see.

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And we often believe them. Trust them. That is the worst mistake we make. Ever!

Never ever trust someone. Never trust what people appear to be. Never trust what they say, until they prove it. And they always prove wrong what they say. They negate their own words and then you see their real personality. The original version of them. And that is the most dreadful reality. Hard to accept. Difficult to absorb. Nearly impossible to digest that nightmarish reality!


But you have to bear it. To believe that you have been deceived, yet again!


Bless You!

When You Are Sleepless!…

The time when you are sleepless… When there is so much going on in your head. That you cannot control.

There is a lot that’s going in your life. Good or bad, many things that you wish you could control. But you cannot. That creates a feeling of helplessness. When you can’t control yourself or your life. When you can’t control what’s going on around you. When you can’t control the things you don’t want to happen. When you can’t control people from hurting you. When you just can’t control your mind not to think all that you don’t want to think.

If its’ good on one side, that doesn’t mean all is good. There are many twists and turns in life. There are many faces to life. You cannot just control each of them. You cannot control at times how you feel, how you think, how you react. Sometimes, your own self is just out of control.

It’s difficult. Yes it is. Not being able to control your mind, your emotions, your reactions. It’s difficult. It’s hard. Not being able to help yourself. It hurts. It feels so helpless.

When you know that it’s going to happen and you can’t help it. You sit there helplessly. Feeling miserable. Feeling crippled.

I wish mind had a shutdown button like our mobiles and laptops. At least we could stop thinking for some time. We could relax. But no, it does not have it. It does not lets you relax, sleep or be comfortable. It keeps on making you insane all the time. And here you go, you can’t help it.

They say there are certain things you cannot control. And you should compromise with the things you cannot control. Easier said than done. Not at all easy. It feels chained. Bound. Shackled.

And there you are, feeling helpless, sleepless, again.


1:30 A.M. Sleepless!

Bless You!