You all feel this at some point in your life!

People are strange. Really strange!

Be your family, friends, relatives anyone. They are mean, selfish and self-centered. They never ever care about your feelings. They are only concerned with their own interests, feelings, benefits and comfort. They never care about what you do or how you feel. People act rudely, badly and they hurt you.

You feel so helpless at times. Broken inside. But you cannot express it. You hide your emotions. You never speak up against their behavior. You tend to keep quiet and keep everything to yourself. And that is what really kills you.

People hurt you, disappoint you, and make you feel bad. But you do not react. If you react, they blame you. They never understand how you feel. They only shout at you, misunderstand you and blame you for all the wrong that they did actually. And you do not say anything in response. Not because you do not have anything to say in reply.  But because you feel there is no use of explaining yourself. If they do not understand your feelings, then why explain yourself!

You stay quiet. And you distance yourself from such people. But the tragedy is that you cannot hide or be invisible. You have to live with them, face them and get yourself hurt every time!

Because though people change, but the nature of a person never changes.

Just ignore and get lost in yourself. The only way you can make yourself feel better!

Bless You!


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