What’s for you will come to you.

So life does not always come the way you want. But you have to live it. You have to keep it going. Sometimes you don’t feel like giving your best or living life to fullest. But in any case it goes on.

Life always has something for you. Maybe it’s not what you desired for. But something you have to work on in order to get going. This may not be your favorite. But you can make it your best. It all depends on how you cater it.

The job you get, the person you meet, the relationship you are in or the degree you are studying, may not be going according to your will but you have to carry it. You have to keep it going. You have to make it best. Not for the world to see. But for yourself. For your peace. For your life.

God never shuts one door without opening another. We need to believe this. There is always one option or another. It’s just you have to find it out and discover opportunities that may come on your way. You need to find your way and work on it. Work for yourself and hope for the best.

It may not be your dream career, the perfect relationship or your prince charming. But it surely would be what God sent your way for you. And that is always the best.

You just need to have faith, to believe in yourself and to work hard enough to make it best for you. Rest is God’s will. He will bestow upon you what He thinks suitable for you.

There is this hadith that no one gets before time and more than his fate. So what’s for you will come to you one day. There is no use of running after endless desires or something you can never have. Be content on what God gives you. Make peace with your inner self. God will never leave your hands empty. He will always give you enough for your living.

Have faith in Him. Trust yourself. Work hard to get the best. And leave the rest to God.

May we all have a life our God plans for us. Ameen.


Bless You!


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