Life…is Unfair!

Life is unfair. Very unfair.
We can only dream, hope and desire. Though we try to change things for better and want to make our lives as we want to. But things not always happen as we want them to. There is this thing called Fate, and everything happen
s as written in your fate. You cannot change it.
There is this quote from the movie Brave that “there are those who say that fate is something beyond their control. But i know better. Fate lies within us. You only have to be brave enough to see it.”
I was really inspired from this quote when i heard it and from this movie too. But later, as life moved on, I realized that these things are only fictional and are restricted to movies only. Nothing happens in reality itself.
After watching this movie, I was deeply inspired and truly tried to make my own fate, to change things for better and to get what I dreamed of. But things happened otherwise. Nothing happened as I wanted. Rather things gone opposite.
I never wanted to do what I am starting now. I never dreamed of this career. Infact I wanted to make my career differently. But fate made me do so.
At this stage of my life, I have realized and accepted that fate is something you cannot control and everything in your life happens as written already. There is no such thing as changing or making your own fate. Its not that I am saying all this because I am disappointed or because my dreams didnt become reality. But because I have learnt it as I have grown up and have seen things changing and evolving.
A hard lesson learnt though!
But still, I thank Allah for all the good things and not putting me in worst condition.
I Thank Allah and pray for good times ahead.
My life may not be going as I wanted. But it’s surely going the way as my Allah planned.
I thank Allah for everything. No complaints, just a desire to change my fate and life that remained unheard. Though I didnt want this degree that I am going to start. But still, something is better than nothing.
I hope and pray for a better future and pleasant life ahead.

P.S I thank Allah for making my friends my strength who support and protect me always and their presence mean a lot to me 🙂

Bless You!


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