Complaining… No It’s Called Understanding!

A slight difference between complaining and understanding. You term it as someone complaining about something. I perceive it as someone trying to make understand something. Sometimes in life, you need to give space. To yourself. To other people around you. You need to understand and make them understand.


It’s not always about winning the argument. Or success of your ego. Sometimes you have to let go. To accept and understand that being proven right is not more important than the time, and the person involved. Sometimes you have to stay quiet, let the other person speak his heart out. Respect and understand it. Keep yourself away from anger and argument. Let it cool down. Then talk about it later sometime and make the other person understand what you wanted to say. Talk it out then. Discuss it, and then close that chapter, without keeping anything to yourself or any feelings of disappointment or anger.

Yes, that’s the right way. That’s what suited me, what proved to be good for me. Maybe, it’s something different for you. But try to find out the right way and sort out your problems, your discussions and your arguments. Don’t ever keep them to yourself. Don’t leave things unsaid. Talk it out. Sort it out.


Then sit back and relax. Watch TV and have food.

Yes, everything is back to normal again.

That was just a part of life like the commercial breaks in TV programs.

Sooner or later, it will end. Try to end it ASAP. Try to end it with peace comfort and understanding.

Yes, understanding. That counts the most.

Next time, it’s you who has to take over the situation and it’s in your hand. Make it or break it.

Yes, you have to make it. And you made it. Cheers!


Happy Discussion 🙂


Bless You! =)



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