LIFE!….. Is Unpredictable!

Yes… Life is very unpredictable!

We think and plan things as we want them to happen. We make goals, we aim, we work for something but it turns out as it is meant to be. Sometimes, when we are about to lose hope, we are about to give up, it turns out to be in our favor. Something that we have never imagined, never thought it can be possible.

But it does happen. Fate makes it so. Everything that’s already written and decided will happen. Good or bad, it has to occur. We like it or not, can’t help it. Sometimes, after trying our very best, we lose hope and accept that it’s not possible or we can’t get it. But eventually, it goes in our favor. It comes our way as we wanted it to be. Very unexpectedly, we get what we thought we can never have. We achieve what seems impossible to us. We get through what’s making us suffer. That’s Life! Yes, we don’t die. We get over it or get it. Such are the moments when we start living again. We dream, we try, we work and hope for good times to remain forever. Such are the moments we never forget, we share and live those unforgettable moments. That is the time when we feel life is not over yet, rather it has just started. Life has now something good for us and we have to make it happen. New hopes, new dreams, new aims, so many things come along and we again start living, start dreaming.

This is the time, you need to pause. Pause, and think of whatever you have gone through. Pause and think how things are happening in your favor now. Pause and thank God for everything. For the good times again. For giving you another chance to make your life worth living. For protecting you always. For the things, people you thought you can never have. For giving you your Life. Pause, and thank God for everything.

I thank Allah for everything, for making me live again, for making me dream and hope for good again. I thank Allah for all the blessings He has bestowed me with.

I had never imagined this life few months ago. I had never thought of this much happiness and peace that I have today. I thank my Allah, and pray that may everything happens in my favor for my good. Aameen.

I am happy, I am at peace, I am dreaming, hoping for good things to come along as I think and want it to be.

I am Blessed. Alhumdulillah!


Bless You!


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