Ignorance is a Blessing!

They say “Ignorance is a Blessing”. It really is.

Sometimes, its better if you do not know everything. It’s better to be ignorant. At least you can skip the pain, the pain of knowing Who, What, Where, Why, When! 

At least you won’t be knowing what someone is doing with whom, and when!

Social media specially facebook has made everything public. While it’s exciting to know what your friends are upto, sometimes it becomes painful coming across some activities. When your news feed tells you something you are expecting but don’t really want it to happen, when your notifications inform you of someone’s changed relationship status, or their status tells you of some special meeting, you wish you could close your eyes and ears and disappear somewhere instantly! 

I wish I could too.

At such times, social media becomes a curse. I hate it.

It doesn’t let you close your eyes to what you don’t want to see, and close your ears to what you don’t want to hear. But you see, you hear, and eventually end up bursting into tears, and deep depression!

I have experienced it. The One Thing that I got to know through facebook notifications, changed rather ended Everything!

Sometimes it’s better not to know all the answers. 

Being ignorant can save you.

Ignorance is really a Blessing.

I wish I could have this blessing!


Bless You!


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