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I shared this picture on my Facebook time-line a few minutes ago. But, after reading and sharing it on my wall, I felt an urge to write something about it. I do agree with these lovely logics, but somehow, it seems easier said than done!

Th first point said “make peace with your past,so it doesn’t spoil your present”. This one thing is really really important and is something we all should do. But it’s not always that easy. Sometimes your past is anything and everything that’s on your mind. It’s something that keeps on bugging you all the time. Sometimes it’s something that makes you feel bad, sad, guilty or depressed. Still you don’t want to forget. You simple can’t! You think being miserable and feeling depressed is the only thing that you should do, that makes you satisfied as the idea of moving on seems cruel to you. You think by forgetting or moving ahead, you are doing something wrong to yourself or to someone else. and you should remain in the same state to let yourself know that this is what you deserve. That’s really not the case. No one deserves to be hurt, or to be depressed or to be in a state of self pity. Everyone deserves something good. Yes, you too.

Sometimes, forgetting your past is not that easy. You don’t have the courage to forget the best and worst thing you had in Life. You just want to hold on to each and everything and not forget anything. Sometimes, forgetting someone or something seems Impossible.

But the thing is you have to do it, sooner or later. One day, you have to just say “Okay, that’s enough, I can’t forget but I have to move on. I can’t stay like this anymore.” And that day, you will take the first step. Try taking that step as earlier as possible, before the time runs out. Try to forget. If you can’t, it’s okay. Don’t get panic, and never think like you will never be able to get up again and move ahead. You always can. You just need to be brave. You just need to understand that what ever happened is over now. It’s Past. You can not change, erase or undo it. You can just accept it. Do it! For your own-self, do it. Accept that everything is not meant to be as you wished it to be, accept that some people are not meant to be in your life no matter how hard you try, accept that everything is not in your control. Let things happen anyway. What passed might not be good for you.

You can’t forget? Doesn’t matter. Stay calm. Don’t be harsh with yourself. Don’t punish yourself for something that was out of your control. Don’t punish yourself for the mistakes you did in the past, learn from those mistakes. Take them as experience. Experience, either good or bad, always teach you something. Just try to be patient. Hold on to good memories. And for bad memories, keep them within your heart, but don’t let them make you insane. Keep them in a corner, until you reach to a point where you no more need them to remember. Cherish the good old memories. Always be patient, have faith, and try to make things better. Try to be at peace from inside. Make peace with your heart, mind and soul. Nourish them. Care for them and they will care for you in return. Don’t let anything make you go crazy. Practice silence. And in silence, you will find peace. You have peace in life, you have everything. Trust Me.

Second point: “What others think of you is none of your business.” Yeah, you do not need to listen to what others think or say about you. You know yourself better than them. Trust yourself with that. Do whatever makes you happy. Do what you think is right for you. You are not in the world to please everyone. People are here only to judge you. Let them waste their time and energy. Focus on yourself, not on people who have no importance and don’t deserve to be in your life. Filter your friends and stay with the positive ones, rather than who are constantly criticizing you. Focus on you work, your family. Have a quality time and always try making the best use of your time.

Third point says : “Time heals almost everything, give the time some time.” This is the only point that I doubt. In fact, one of my post was about this time healing phenomenon. But honestly, yes it does. Be patient. You need to give time. Some scars never seem to heal. Some things some people you can’t just forget. But the truth is you do forget. Or at least, the memories seem to fade. Slowly, gradually, you learn to live with it. Although that seems pretty hard, feels painful at times, but you do survive. Eventually, time makes you forget. Time heals even the deepest of scars. It does. Give it some time. You will eventually feel better.

Fourth: “No one is the reason of your happiness, except you yourself.” hmmmm, heard many times? But that’s the ultimate truth! You have to be happy from inside, you have to be at peace from within, only then you can be truly happy. We refer to different things, different people saying this very thing makes me happy, or that friend is the only source of happiness for me. Yes, that is the case somtimes. But true happiness lies inside you. You have to search it, dig it and keep it in your heart. Only you understand yourself really well and only you can make yourself happy even in the worst circumstances. No doubt, your family, friends are there and make you feel good many times. But learn to keep yourself happy. You will not need anyone. Spend time with yourself. Know yourself. Learn to enjoy your company. Only you are your true friend.

The fifth point says “Don’t compare your life with others, you never know what their journey is all about.” Hell True! You are no one to judge anyone. Don’t ever do that. Don’t feel miserable seeing others happy. You never know what’s behind their smile. You never know what they are going through. You never how hard is life for someone. You have no right to judge them. Focus on your life. Try making it better. But don’t compare yourself with others. This is not gonna give you anything!

Sixth point says “Stop thinking too much, It’s alright not to know all the answers.” It always seemed impossible to me. But you better do this. I feel my mind is more active when I lay on my bed to sleep at night, and I think of anything and everything that comes to my mind. This is the only thing that I do all day. Think, think and think. And that always leads to headache. I am working on it. I am trying to stop worrying. I am trying to not searching for the answers. I would be feeling much better when I’ll not be knowing everything. Often the answers has something that makes me feel bad, that makes me depressed. I am trying not to do this.

You need to do this too. Stop thinking too much. Listen to good and soothing music. Watch some good movie or program. Spend some time being quite and not thinking anything. You will surely be feeling better. You don’t need to know everything. Often things makes you feel guilty or tense, some things can screw you up, so It’s better to be ignorant. One of my recent posts was on the proverb “Ignorance is a Bliss”, and trust me, it really is.

Last, but not the least: “Smile, you don’t own all the problems in the world.” Yes, you don’t. So Smile! Take things lightly. Don’t take life so seriously. You never know when is the last moment. Make every moment worth living, so you don’t regret in future. It’s okay if everything is not right good in your life. No body’s life is perfect. Everyone has their own problems. Coping with them with a smile is the real thing. Try to do your best and then leave it on God. Have faith, patience. No one is perfectly happy in this world. So don’t worry if you are not too. Problems are always there. You need to have a positive attitude to deal with them. You need to be patient and see what life has for you.

Life doesn’t only brings sadness. It brings happiness too. Just wait, be patient. Learn to be happy. Learn to cherish good moments. Learn to live with a smile on your face while dealing with problems. Learn to actually live. Have a good time with your family, friends, at work and at parties. Realize the very fact that your life is much better than many others’ life. God has given you many things to be thankful for. Be thankful for such things. Feel blessed. Always hope for good and pray. It will make things easy. Learn to live your life. It only comes Once. Make it worth living!

Bless You!

To go? Or not to go?

Again, my school friends are planing a get-together. Again, I don’t want to go. Sigh!

I mean this time I didn’t refuse with an apology and an excuse immediately. I really don’t have an excuse. I am thinking of one. I am thinking I should join them and should go out with them. It’s really bad that I never go with them.

Every time, they say you are always busy or you have an excuse, you don’t want to be in contact, blah blah.  Honestly, neither I am busy nor do I have an excuse this time. It’s just that I am being lazy. I have been staying home from a few months and now I don’t feel like going out for lunch or dinner. Even I didn’t go to my best friend’s place. I invited her at my home. And now, one of my school friend texted me and asked If I am free the next week? So they could plan accordingly. I haven’t replied yet. I don’t have any excuse. I am thinking what to say now. Should I say Oh! I am very busy next week, won’t be able to show up? Or should I join them this time, to have a good time and refreshing good old memories?

Hmmm I am thinking. But the problem is I feel somewhat awkward in such hangouts. I mean meeting someone after a really long time, and acting like really good friends is difficult. At least I am not good at pretending. My face expressions clearly tell that I am not enjoying and I am not at all interested in their boring conversation. I can’t talk too much about random stuff. In-fact, I am not good at gossiping, and that makes me boring. I can’t just have fun when I am feeling uncomfortable. I don’t really have a lot to talk about, I mean I don’t have updates and news. And the most important, I can’t laugh too much, specially on stupid jokes and weird gossips. And yeah, I don’t eat much. I couldn’t find a good reason to go…..

Still, I think I should go. I am not an introvert. But I don’t like hang outs and parties much. I like to be with one or two people at a time, rather than a whole group of people whom you haven’t met from years. Never mind. I gotta do something good while I am free at home. I should try making things better.

I have replied her that I am free. Lets see…

P.S I should seriously think about some activity or hobby, something worth doing.

Bless You!

Ignorance is a Blessing!

They say “Ignorance is a Blessing”. It really is.

Sometimes, its better if you do not know everything. It’s better to be ignorant. At least you can skip the pain, the pain of knowing Who, What, Where, Why, When! 

At least you won’t be knowing what someone is doing with whom, and when!

Social media specially facebook has made everything public. While it’s exciting to know what your friends are upto, sometimes it becomes painful coming across some activities. When your news feed tells you something you are expecting but don’t really want it to happen, when your notifications inform you of someone’s changed relationship status, or their status tells you of some special meeting, you wish you could close your eyes and ears and disappear somewhere instantly! 

I wish I could too.

At such times, social media becomes a curse. I hate it.

It doesn’t let you close your eyes to what you don’t want to see, and close your ears to what you don’t want to hear. But you see, you hear, and eventually end up bursting into tears, and deep depression!

I have experienced it. The One Thing that I got to know through facebook notifications, changed rather ended Everything!

Sometimes it’s better not to know all the answers. 

Being ignorant can save you.

Ignorance is really a Blessing.

I wish I could have this blessing!


Bless You!