Good Bye 2012!

So, another year has passed. Time flies. It really does. I want to remind what really happened throughout the year? I can’t remind much.

The start was not so good. Then i managed it. Then it was the WORST time of the year. Yes it was. I don’t want to remember how I managed to Survive! I wish I could forget all that…

Then I had my final exams, thesis, stuff, and End of my Graduation. Oh yeah, now I am graduate. The one Good thing that happened this year. Now I have a degree of graduation in Mass Communication. Yayyy! I am a grown up girl now. I am ready to start my practical life. Hmmmm not that easy, I found out this year. I am planning some good job, a higher degree, blah blah. There are a lot of things actually on my mind. 

Summers were not so good. Both good and bad, I think. Then I started to prepare for some other exam. I was really happy, excited, hopeful yet tense. Something happened. And then, I quit! For No logical reason. Reason? I don’t have any. I just said I can’t manage it. Inside I know why I quit. I wanted to do it, I really wanted to. Okkay just leave it. I will try again sometime InshaAllah, I will! 

That was not good. I shouldn’t have quit. I should’ve tried at least. The one thing I regret in this year. Not the one thing, One of those things I regret. Never mind!

What else? Ummm yeah had some issues with friends, studies were tough, but I managed somehow. I miss my university, friends and all that. 

The one thing I learnt this year, People are not what they look. It’s really hard to understand people. They are tough. They are rude, selfish, insensitive. Yes they are. It’s not easy to care for people. I have tried it. And in the end, I am the one who’s blamed. Yeah okkay, I know I am wrong and You are right! 

Some are good too. No-one is perfect, I understand. Neither am I. So why expect people to be good all the time? Ok, not all the time, but Sometime?!

Oh yeah, another Good thing. My sister got married. I am really happy for her and thankful to God. May Allah bless her and her family always, Ameen.  

My birthday was good this year. I got some special wishes, and gifts too. (Dec, 18)

That’s it? Yeah, I guess. 

This year was good and bad too.

I had the best and worst time of my Life.

I made some good friends, lost some. 

I was happy sometimes, sad most of the time, rather depressed.

Yes, this year made me a patient of DEPRESSION.

That’s okkay, I am fine now, I am good.

I tried to make things good, it happened otherwise.

I managed it. I learnt how to survive, how to live.

I learnt everything is not meant to be your’s.

I learnt some people are not meant to be in your life, no matter how hard you try or wish.

I learnt not everything is good for you that you want.

I learnt to forgive, but not to Forget.

I learnt no matter how you feel, you have to get up, dress up and work.

I learnt to give a fake smile.

I learnt to keep my feelings to my own-self, not letting others know what I am going through.

I learnt how to cry myself at night and smiling the next morning as if nothing happened. 

I learnt to eat, dress, work.

I learnt to manage things on my own, no matter how broken I am inside. 

I learnt to survive, to Live.

Yes, I learnt a lot. I learnt to Live, to Smile, to Cry, to Work, to Sleep.

2012- taught me how to survive in this cruel world, how to live for yourself, to Live when you are Dying inside!

That was a hard lesson learnt. Really a tough lesson.

The New Year is almost here. 

So, Good Bye 2012 – You made me cry, you made me smile, you made me die, You made me live.Image

You were not good to me. But I thank you for not being Worst for me.

I have a lot of memories attached to you. Good and bad memories. 

You gave me so much to remember. Even though I don’t want to remember. But I will. 

I will remember you Always.

I will miss you – 2012 – Good Bye!


Bless You!


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