So… this was The End with a New Beginning!

So, this was the end of Ishq-e-Memnu! A sad tragic end. 

There are many other Turkish dubbed dramas coming on-air very soon on different channels. Much debate is going on regarding this topic these days. Each day, we see some news anchor arguing with some actors and directors in his current affairs program, or some morning show host in her/his morning show. Our actors have this issue that their work is being affected as Pakistani dramas are less in demand since these dubbed dramas have become famous. They say that these dramas are creating vulgarity and this is a serious clash with our culture. And if such dubbed dramas continued to gain this much popularity in Pakistan, our drama industry would be damaged completely. This point is valid considering our film industry had a major set back for the same reason. But the point that these dramas are a threat to Pakistani society’s culture and traditions is totally meaningless. What Pakistani dramas are presenting is not always a neat and clean family drama. They already had crossed limits of decency. And they are not at all justified in saying anything about the content of these dramas. This one Turkish drama has proved that good content and strong direction is surely appreciated, no matter be it Pakistani or Turkish dubbed drama. 

The main point is that Urdu1 was one channel in collaboration with Turkey, which broadcast these dramas. Why our most famous channels like Geo are broadcasting their dramas? It’s our media which has become a business now and presents anything that sells. They are only concerned with ratings. The need of the hour is to have a check on our own drama channels what type of content they are showing. Also, to produce such quality dramas which can compete with such foreign content. Not only this will produce a healthy competitive environment but will also prove our drama industry as a strong competitor. 

Hope all these people do something rather than just talking and talking and talking.

P.S. those who do not like Ishq-e-Memnu or any other such drama should mind their own business instead of criticizing others!


Bless You!


2 responses to “So… this was The End with a New Beginning!

  1. What sucks is that suddenly the turkish dramas are such a big issure whereas all the while the indian shows are still on, on every channel. Why is nobody debating on that? Do they not clash with our culture? Or are we still sticking to the “India is our friend” excuse to watch the bullshit they come up with.
    Sorry if that’s offensive.

    • not at all..i totally agree..and that’s exactly the point im trying to convey…is it really such a big issue that everyone is talking about it on TV..they criticize indian dramas too, but they are not in demand now as compared to turkish dramas. The reason why Ishq-e-Memnu is such a big success in Pakistan because people want change and this was a change with a complete package. If Turkish dramas are really a threat to our drama industry, then they should improve their dramas, so they don’t have to be worried about “Foreign Content”. But people here only talk and criticize!

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