12-12-12 Today’s date!

Today, at 12 o clock, 12 min and 12 sec, the time was 12-12-12. That makes the date and time as 12-12-12-12-12-12 – a Unique sequence, the last repetitive date that this generation would experience.

As soon I switched on the TV in morning, all the news channels were talking about this time and date. My maid got a little upset on the “shor sharaba” of the channels and asked me whether something bad has happened in the country, lol. I replied No, they are just trying to be efficient and entertaining.

Never mind, this date has much significance for us, as we will never be able to see it again. This date will come after hundred years now. And no one of us would be alive till then! *sigh*

You can see a lot of statuses on Facebook and tweets on twitter regarding this date. So many pictures too. Different people and countries are celebrating it in their own ways. Many couples are getting married today just to make the date special. Children born today are being considered lucky. Even I have seen this news that there is this child who’s 12th birthday is today and he is happy celebrating it. It’s good to see some interesting activities and celebrations happening today. I think in today’s era, when one is surrounded by so many tensions and problems, these small things can help making someone smile. It feels good if someone make such moments special by doing little efforts, may it be sending a card, a simple sms. Celebrating such moments is a way of showing enthusiasm, love and is a sign of being alive.

Apart from what palmists have to say about the date, this is a unique date for all of us which one sees once in a lifetime. Try to make such moments special for your loved ones. Wish you many happy moments!

Bless You!

P.S One such picture a friend of mine tagged me in. Enjoy!



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