And… the end is so near… Ishq-e-Memnu (The Forbidden Love)

Kaneez’e khas badhsha ko pasand karti thi, badshah kaneez se pyar karta tha, kaneez ka badshah k betey se chakkar tha, betey ko badshah ki beti pasand karti thi, beti ko khadim pasand karta tha, khadim ko khadima pasand karti thi, udhar badshah k betey ka badshah ki saali se affair bhi tha, badshah ki saali ka shohar badshah k dushman ka beta tha, magar wo badshah ka manzur-e-nazar tha…

Agar apko iss mai koi bhi baat samjh nahi aai to dekhiye…






Ishq e Memnu

Ishq e Memnu

lol, my sis forwarded me this text this evening. When i got the text, i didn’t pay attention and just laughed on the overall theme of the message.But now, while typing it here, I realized that it’s the actual story of the drama. 

Hats off to the person who made this text, it was really difficult to summarize the story of the complicated and most watched soap opera (in Pakistan) in such a small text message. I really appreciate his/her intelligence!


Yes, Ishq e Memnu is the “In-Thing” these days in Pakistan. Needless to say that I am one of the keen viewer of the drama. When I started watching the drama, I had no idea that it will gain this much popularity and fame. Every other person is seen talking about what will happen when Bihter and Behlul’s affair will no longer be a secret. Would Bihter inform Nihal to take revenge? Will Behlul and nihal get married? Will Adnan divorce Bihter? Will Mr Cetin marry Mrs. Firdous? Would maidmozeille be able to force Bashir to tell Adnan the truth? Will Bashir survive? Will Adnan punish Behlul? What would be the ending of the drama? These are some of the questions everyone has in their minds. I am not that curious about the ending (because I have already watched it on youtube;). ) But still, yes I am anxiously waiting for the last episode and all the mystery the drama has created.


Ishq e Memnu has been translated in 38 languages, and on-aired in many countries. It has gained a lot of popularity everywhere, but I am sure there won’t be a greater number of fans of Behlul as here in Pakistan. The characters, the romance, the dresses, the places, the scenes and…last but not the least…Behlul’s car are some of the unresistable attractions of the soap. 

P.S Behlul (Kivanc Tatlitug, the Turkish actor) has been awarded as “The Best Male Model Of The World”.

So, that explains the fan following of Behlul which has surely increased that of Fawad Khan ( Ashar, humsafar fame.) There is this picture on Facebook that can be seen on every other person’s wall. It says:

“Pakistani boys’ dilemma: Abhi ye Ashar sahab ka masla khatam nahi hua tha k ab koi Behluuul bhi paida ho gya hai.” rofl.

Behlul, no doubt, has attracted half of the female viewers towards the drama. Surely, Nihal and Bihter are impressive too. Mr. Adnan has been a strong character thoughout the drama, as well as Mrs. Arsen. Buland’s innocence has made us laugh many times. The funniest part is the role of all the servants, their interference and their curiosities. Chameli is one of the them, to name. Bashir’s illness has been one of the most sad parts as we head towards the ending. Pekker and Nihat have always been seen as the ideal family (kicking out Helmi Onal). Overall, the story is heart capturing and the characters have a deep impact on the viewers. As the soap is coming near to it’s end, the curiosity is increasing and heartbeats are getting faster. So, fasten your seat belts. Ishq-e-Memnu…is soon going to reveal Bihter-Behlul’s Love affair’s upshot!


P.S. I would surely share my feedback after the last episode. You are welcomed too!=)


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